Trading Ops
Financial Market Operations

Financial markets exhibit complex hierarchy among different processes, e.g. trading time marks the initiation of a trade, and trade triggers a price change. By combining stochastic approaches, we develop models for trading time, trading volume, and price changes.

Big data: Used in the forecasting process, particularly in the financial markets to create an automatic prediction of volatility in share prices. The main purpose of forecasting – by data mining in the stock market is to discover knowledge that the programmer can incorporate in construction of a functional model.

Artificial Intelligence: Used to understand market mechanics and to generate signals with stock data (received from Big Data Tech). AI helps to ensure execution of models and strategies in a virtual environment.

Figure 1.0

Deploying Big Data technology to conduct research and gather/ prepare data sets which later are converted into models. Artificial Intelligence takes over during the execution part. We build/develop numerous trading strategies and models which are asymmetric—but they are built on the same data hierarchy, as shown in Figure 1.0

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Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

HCDL is a company that primarily focuses on utilizing cutting-edge Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies to develop sophisticated research and modelling capabilities. By leveraging these technologies, we are able to gain valuable insights and make well-informed decisions in the securities market. This allows us to analyse vast amounts of data, identify trends and patterns, and make predictions about movements. The investment activities (Trading Ops) are carried out through registered securities dealers in India, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and laws.


Data is invaluable in making our trading ops division such an exceptional tool for our business. Behind the scenes, we have a rich ecosystem of (big) data technologies facilitating our algorithms and analytics.

Lower cost, smarter decisions and better performance

Turning mountains of data and complex systems into a more efficient process with intelligent, high-impact automation and a strategy that embraces AI, insights and digital transformation: Making our infrastructure and overall business model more reliable through the use of technology.

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