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September 12, 2022   |   Parikshit Singh

Choosing the right KPIs: KPIs are useful in determining the effectiveness of the IR function. It is important to mention that these KPIs should be based on what the company is trying to achieve at the specific point in time.

This could include:

  • Share price performance, valuations and premium rating relative to indices, our sector and our peer group over a period of time to monitor quality and value
  • Trading liquidity
  • Increase in and diversity of shareholder base in terms of geography and type
  • The number of investor meetings held and the quality of investors keen to meet with management or with individual board members
  • Feedback from analysts and investors.

Accurate, well-analyzed and clear information through IR helps us to determine that:

  • Investors are being communicated with accurately and frequently – and being listened to
  • There is sufficient activity by the IR team, the CEO and CFO to raise awareness and create interest in our company
  • The business is being represented and marketed among the investment community
  • The market’s expectations of our performance and earnings are not materially different from our internal forecasts
  • We are focusing on the right issues including what we produce, how we go about our business, global trends that affect our sector and our business, and whether we have identified the right risks to our business and are managing these effectively.

Increasingly, we are seeing that investors are just as interested in how a company goes about making profit as they are in how much profit a company makes. For example, there is an increasing interest in the ESG aspects of a business.

It is therefore important that we have all the necessary information to holistically meet our investors’ expectations – and the IR function is critical in ensuring we meet this obligation.

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