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ESG and Enterprise Risk Management

Sixty-two percent of directors say ESG issues are a part of the board’s enterprise risk management discussions. Source: PwC, 2021 Annual Corporate Directors Survey, October 2021

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Most discussed topics in Investor Relations

AI, ML and the metaverse are the technology buzzwords of the moment. Articles discussing technology trends usually address the current hot topics with revolutionary zeal: the next big thing that will change the world as we know it. But the reality is more prosaic: often the technology that really makes a difference is much less exciting, but carefully designed to deliver incremental improvements in our daily workflow, such as well-designed CRM and an automated IR Website with interactive tools

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Elevating your share price

Many investors will not want to own and trust companies that don’t operate responsibly, sensibly and ethically, regardless of market potential.

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IR in the Capital Markets Community

With Quarterly Reporting season upon us once more, many investors will be re-evaluating their holdings given the turbulent macro-economic environment. In addition to ramifications from the war in the Ukraine and higher commodity prices, they will be trying to assess the continued impacts of COVID on supply chains, prices and workforces.

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Importance of corporate governance among small caps

Despite its importance, lack of corporate governance is one of the biggest challenges of small-cap companies. These companies usually trail their larger peers when it comes to corporate governance as big companies usually have an abundance of resources to support evolved governance structures and related reporting.

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Investor relations during an economic slowdown

Recession can be disorienting and put increased pressure on management and their investor relations (IR) team to take the right steps to balance investor’s need for information with the best interests of the company amidst a rapidly changing environment.

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Keep the momentum going: investor relations for newly listed companies

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in India are off to a slow start in 2022. Many companies have postponed plans to go public to avoid the impacts of volatile markets shaken by soaring inflation, rising interest rates and an uncertain geopolitical environment. Companies that do successfully list need to make sure they are on solid footing to withstand the ongoing volatility. Developing and executing on a comprehensive investor communications strategy is a key element to achieving this.

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