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We specialize in utilizing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to develop advanced research and modelling techniques for investing in securities through registered dealers in India. As a technology-driven company operating in the business analytics and research industry, we offer a full range of consulting services, from strategy to implementation, utilizing cutting-edge data, tools, and technologies to drive business success.

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Extended Intelligent Workflows are the Golden Thread of the Virtual Enterprise that integrate the end-user experience provided by the enterprise, its platforms, and its ecosystems.

Data and information are the raw materials of these new Intelligent Workflows. Data fuels the Intelligent Workflow, where new adjacencies and combinations of data will be uncovered. Data standards and leverage of open protocols can extend the potential for experimentation and innovation with partners. This creates one of the drivers for open hybrid cloud architectures as the speed of data access becomes mission-critical for new real-time processes.

Finance consulting services

We unlock efficiency by building a smarter end-to-end process into financial workflows so businesses can harness the full power of their data, strengthen existing systems, empower employees, and use leading technologies to transform.

Commitment to execution™

We’re in the business of enabling CFOs to democratize data across their enterprise, by empowering data stewards to access a modern platform to pull various types of statistic sets and derive new insights they couldn’t have locked in before.

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Our customers are delighted with the turnaround in their businesses by adopting disciplined, structured, and systematic processes. Implementing best-fit software and infrastructure solutions has given them the winning edge that makes them stand out as leaders in their respective industries.


Hal Clyde Denison Limited has a unique range of solution offerings that meet the diverse needs of today’s enterprises. Our portfolio includes Enterprise Applications, Value-based Add-ons, Surround Technologies, Cloud and Digital Solutions.


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